Our boarding culture is one of a family style environment where responsibility for the students is given by caring ‘house parents’ whose main aim is to build up strong, sensitive and meaningful relationships with the students. Both a male and a female house parent are in attendance or readily available at all times while students are in the house and awake.

Immanuel College has a proud history of boarding going back to its inception in 1895 at Point Pass, which is near Eudunda. Back then Immanuel was singularly and exclusively a boarding school.

Now Immanuel Boarding is a unique coeducational experience with both males and females being accommodated in the one complex. Naturally there are areas exclusively for the females and the males, but then there are common areas where all students can mix in a friendly, convivial and supportive manner.

Presently there is accommodation for 150 students, with 72 of these being in the main double storey building, 32 in eight self-contained units and 51 in eight fully equipped houses.

Living in community, all students are expected to take care of their own personal space as well as contributing to the overall care of the house. Living in community too means being tolerant towards others, helping and assisting where necessary, having fun, but being bold enough to speak out when values are compromised. Our aim living in community is to make things as close to the home and family environment as possible.

“The Lord will watch over your coming and your going”   Psalm 121:8 

Bernie Dean, Director of Boarding   


2015 Boarder Handbook