Introducing a new look to 'The Immanuel Edge'

What we know about Immanuel College … people like us.


We have a unique way of doing things.

Our Christian values.

Consistently achieving high academic results.

Our innovation.

We have an approach of maximising each student’s potential.

In 2015, this led us to launch the successful “The Immanuel Edge”, ‘like’ campaign. Which coincided with the opening of the Margaret Ames Centre.

Following on from this success, in 2017 we now release the next phase of “The Immanuel Edge” campaign.

Our students have ventured to all corners of the globe to gain experience and leave their mark, always with a sense that Immanuel will never leave you.

This sentiment forms the basis for this latest campaign.

An Immanuel education is something you treasure for life.

The quality of education, the opportunities, the innovation and sense of community sets Immanuel College apart.

It gives you an education with a real edge.

The Immanuel Edge.
It never leaves you.

The Immanuel Edge silhouette icon forms a strong part of the campaign. Some may see a silhouette of a person’s head, some a thumbprint.

The message does not change. The silhouette is unique and belongs to you, shaped in part by an Immanuel College education.